Biografia professionale Presidente dell’American University of Sicily dal 2018. Professore associato di Pedagogia, ha conseguito il PhD in Scienze dell'Educazione presso l'UPS di Roma. È membro di varie istituzioni: Consiglio di amministrazione di DISES/CEC - US, membro dell'albo SIPES (Società italiana per gli accademici di Educazione Speciale) e membro dell'albo ANPEC (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Pedagogisti Clinici). Ha condotto esperienze lavorative in vari paesi esteri ed è stato consulente per AMIDEAST, USAID, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, WORLD BANK in ambito pedagogico: Inclusive education e Guidance and Counsiling. È stato insignito dell'AWARD 2011 per l'Excellence in Teaching and Learning da AMIDEAST, e nel 2013 ha ricevuto l'AWARD DISES dal Council for Exceptional Children (USA) per l'impegno profuso a difesa della disabilità con particolare attenzione alla Sindrome autistica. Come Senior Fulbright Scholar al Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning presso la Northwestern University a Chicago (USA), ha studiato il pensiero critico (Critical Thinking) tra i giovani universitari. Curatore (attraverso seminari e corsi) della formazione degli operatori nel settore pedagogico, è autore, fra l'altro, per EduCatt, del Basha Behavioural Autism spectrum Disorder Screening test (BAT), strumento diagnostico per l'autismo, pubblicato in diverse lingue. (USA), ha studiato il pensiero critico (Critical Thinking) tra i giovani universitari. BIO Sami Basha, president of the American University of Sicily. Former Head of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commision AQAC for the higher education institutions at the Palestinian National Authority (2017-2018). He has been prevoiusly Advisor to the Minister for accreditation and quality of higher education institutions and Vice President for International affairs and director of the special Education program and Center at Palestine University of Bethlehem. Has a long experience with high profile of expertise in higher education and accreditament with strategical planning for effective teaching and learning quality. He has spent his sabbatical as a senior visiting Fulbright Scholar to the Searle Center for Advancing teaching and learning in 2014/2015 working on a research to promote critical thinking skills in the Palestinian higher education at Northwestern university in Chicago. He has been also a pedagogical consultant on local and international institutions. His main research interests include: Critical thinking and intercultural studies and minorities, special/inclusive education and guidance and counselling and most recent is his pubblication at Erikson on Pedagogy of Liberation. Basha was born in the town of Jenin, and completed his master's and doctoral degrees in the faculty of Sciences of Education at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Italy. He is a member of various associations: DISES / CEC Board of Directors as a Member at Large - US, member of the Italian Society for Special Education (SIPES) and member of ANPEC (National Association of Italian clincal Pedagogists). He has different national and international publications, among which the "Adapting the Critical Thinking Assessment Test for Palestinian Universities.", & "Basha Behavioural Autism spectrum Disorder Screening test (BAT)©, which he has developed and published in different languages. His most recent research has been on how to be functional on a context of conflict and he is the author of the pedagogy of liberation approach in Palestine and has been lecturing this new method around the world in the last couple of years and trying to elaborate the functionality concept of individuals in a context of conflict from an Educational Perspective, where he is highlighting the ability of Palestinians to generate productive attitude keeping dignity in spite the absurdity of the oppression. He was a project director of a grant addressing special needs education with the AMIDEAST/USAID, through which he has establish net work of university professors who meet to rethink how academia can better address the special needs education. A Focus of his work brought to the development of the very first Ma Academic program in special education published as a national document in Palestine in 2012, by the Catholic University of Milan EDUCAT. He was awarded the Excellency of teaching and learning from the ministry of higher education and AMIDEAST in 2011 and given a certificate of Higher education Master Trainer after 3 years of training and working with national and international universities. On 2013 he received the DISES award from the Council for Exceptional Children in the United States for his accomplishment in the special education sector in Palestine. Recently, He has been nominated by the Palestinian ministry of higher education for a committee to develop the research sector and higher educational collaboration between Palestine and Italy and the Palestinian Higher Education Reform Expert's team "HEREs " 2018.


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Prof. Sami BASHA


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Research interests and skills Critical thinking, higher education, Internationalization, intercultural studies and minorities. Inclusive Education, Faculty development, Social transformation project, family discomfort in growing children youth education, youth counseling. Modern technology and education. Developing a more dynamic and independent culture.